COPA QuickStart™

Over 200 companies from 50+ countries attended the event. Come see for yourself!

Accelerate Time to Value

COPA QuickStart is designed to accelerate your adoption of open control systems by illuminating the benefits and understanding the changes.

Pre-packaged System

Fully integrated, multi-vendor control system based on Open Process Automation™ Standard. Continuous remote updates and maintenance. Customizable to meet specific needs.

extensive training

Modular, hands-on education program is included. Prepare your engineers, operators, and management to benefit from improved operations and integration with open systems and standards.


Best-of-breed OT and IT components from leading vendor partners. Combining the knowledge and experience of brands you know and trust.

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This Is QuickStart

Prepackaged ICS based on
the O-PAS™ Standard

Extensive training for all levels of your organization

hardware & software

Platform for
Industry 4.0 integration

Why Now?

As a potential customer, what’s in it for me?

For companies that want to get started with Open ICS now

Experience the tangible qualities of an OPA system

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Who We Are

CSI & CPLANE are OT and IT Leaders

Leading IT and OT companies
have formed COPA

Leading companies have come together to build the first commercially available ICS based on O-PAS™
a standard of The Open Group


COPA Partnership

What is COPA?

COPA Vision

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